Premier Magazine - The Power Of Salt

Why do we love it? There’s a reason we have dedicated taste buds sensitised to the taste of salt. It’s a necessity for life, vital to our health and well-being. No wonder then that it’s the most natural thing on earth to seek out the taste of salt.

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Tamarmarcopolostyle - Make everything tasty for the holidays: Oryx Desert Salt from South Africa

Looking for a holiday gift that’s exotic, sustainable, non-perishable, that everyone can use and enjoy? Oryx Desert Salt from South Africa will dazzle everyone with a kitchen this holiday season, available at Whole Foods in the US! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

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Longevity - How Desert Salt From The Kalahari Is Taking the World By Storm

In this episode of The Business of Health Gisèle WERTHEIM AYMéS speaks to Oryx Desert Salt founder and entrepreneur Samantha Skyring, who is taking her exceptional whole food brand, Oryx Desert salt global.

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BizNewsTV - Samantha Skyring - CEO of Oryx Desert Salt

A local seasoning brand, Oryx Desert Salt will soon be seen on shelves in the USA. It has joined a growing list of locally made SA products in accessing markets overseas, like Rooibos. Joining Linda Van Tilburg is Samantha Skyring, the CEO of Oryx desert salt

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Cape Talk - 'Oryx' salt from the Kalahari Desert set to hit Whole Foods shelves in the US

The South African brand Oryx Desert Salt has pulled off a major coup with a listing by iconic US Whole Foods Market.

The salt, mined in the Kalahari Desert, will be on the organic supermarket chain's shelves in the US in October.

Bruce Whitfield chats to Oryx founder and CEO Samantha Skyring.

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Business Insider - Americans are about to start eating a lot of South African salt, as Oryx hits Whole Foods

Oryx is due to officially hit shelves in Whole Foods across the USA, in a total of 515 locations, in October. That chain started to expand out of its Texas base in 1984, and was bought by Amazon in 2017. Since then it has grown rapidly.

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The Good News - Oryx Desert Salt bringing the heart of the Kalahari to Whole Foods USA!

After many years of growing the brand locally and internationally, in October 2021, Oryx Desert Salt will be one of the few South African brands to land on Whole Foods Market shelves in the USA. Whole Foods specialises in organic food that’s been sustainably produced and chooses their suppliers carefully. Their customers are conscious buyers who make purchases based on quality and ethics.

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Lionesses of Africa - Samantha Skyring, a global brand builder inspired by the Kalahari

Oryx Desert Salt, bringing a taste of the Kalahari to the world’s kitchens
With the world looking to source more sustainable, ethically produced and renewable sources of foodstuffs, one South African business venture, Oryx Desert Salt, founded by entrepreneur Samantha Skyring, is looking to bring an exceptional source of salt to enrich both the flavour of food and also promote good health.

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Tamarmarcopolostyle - A taste of South Africa: Oryx Desert Salt

Salt. It’s one of the major elements our taste buds seek. It’s been considered so valuable throughout history, Roman soldiers were paid with it — that’s how we get our word, “salary”.

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